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W.I.P. Wolf: Amalgam Stage 2 by Walfiend2 W.I.P. Wolf: Amalgam Stage 2 by Walfiend2
This is an Amalgam of Marvel Comic's Wolverine and DC's Lobo. The idea fit's into a logical progression. If the Super Soldier project was attempted to be duplicated, it would be similar to the way Weapon X was an attempt to create a new Captain America. They would find a new alien and attempt to mix it's dna with a test subject. If the alien in question was Lobo, and a person with a healing factor already, like Logan, was the subject of the graft, then Wolf would be the results.

He has now been inked, and I've started adding some color, trying to get just the right balance of Wolverine and Lobo into the mix.

All comments and suggestions are welcome.

Wolverine is owned by Marvel Comics.
Lobo is owned by DC.
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May 29, 2008
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